BAE Systems Hawk Bahrain

At Farnborough International the Crown Prince of Bahrain took delivery of the first new Hawk jet for the Royal Bahraini Air Force. We provided a multi-camera outside broadcast and edit facility to film the event.Within 20 minutes of the ceremony, we provided a five-minute edit to be shown in the BAE Systems pavilion as the Crown Prince walked round. A 2 minute version with an Arabic voice-over was recorded on site and up-linked to Bahrain television within the hour – to meet the deadlines for their main evening news. Ultimately, five Middle Eastern TV stations used the story and we supplied further footage to meet their needs.

Farnborough International in Paris

We filmed in Paris the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Bahraini Civil Aviation Affairs and the British company Farnborough Intenational to hold the Bahrain International Air Show in January next year, under royal patronage.
With our camera crew, editor and Arabic broadcaster to write and record a voice-over, we produced a video of the event that was raced across Paris to a TV studio who broadcast it to several Arabic TV stations for transmission on that evening's news.



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