Case Study

Farnborough International Airshow

Now Watch It! worked for a number of clients including Goodrich and BAE Systems.

For BAE Systems, we were again involved in providing live training and online training for approximately 200 employees staffing or hosting in the BAE Systems pavilion (Hall FIVE)

We also delivered a number of programmes and presenter training:

  • A computer generated programme providing a moving link between the latest corporate advertising and the live exhibits
  • An interactive presentation on the Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer presented by former RAF personnel
  • An overview presentation – using BAE Systems’ people to deliver concise overviews of the capability on display using live camera views and interactive a/v material
  • The Innovation Theatre – a dramatic presentation using BAE Systems’ presenters to deliver a short high-tech show, highlighting elements of the company’s focus on innovation 

Now Watch It provided the media, training and stage management for these events throughout the show. In addition, we provided on-site media support with video interviews with senior executives and filming of equipment demonstrations. 

Alan Garwood, Group Business Development Director for BAE Systems commented in his Show blog "I am really impressed by the quality of the briefs our employees are giving, I haven’t heard a bad one yet… The innovation theatre is quite the best thing we have ever done combining video, 3D graphics and live presenters."

Display module

Vehicle Systems Integration

Systems Integration

Theatre presentation


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