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Who we are

Fiona Lewis

- managing director, video and event producer

Fiona has worked in video and events for over 20 years, producing a huge range of communications for corporate and broadcast clients. She is a member of BAFTA and the Director’s Guild of Great Britain

Jonathan Crowe

- scriptwriter, trainer

Jonathan has written scripts for TV, events, awards, conferences, video, and multimedia, combining creative energy with an understanding of the subject

Kevan Pegley

- producer/director

Kevan has a wide ranging ability with the creative aspects of film/video/multimedia production working for both corporate and broadcast clients, and combines this with a unique understanding of the latest technology

Jayne Thomson

- pr and communications consultant

Jayne has many years experience working both for professional journals in the aerospace industry and as a communications and pr director for corporations

Kate Maier

- production manager

Kate provides the essential administrative backup for Now Watch It!, and manages events and training programmes

Eddie Lee

- technical director

Eddie brings his exceptional knowledge of the technology of events to bear to deliver highly effective technical solutions and event and project management


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