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Now Watch It! was established in 2001, to deliver a wide range of corporate media and communications, and training.

Our core team of multimedia specialists draws on the expertise of a wider pool of support services (camera crews, graphic design and animation, editing facilities, post production, trainers etc.) to create the ideal team for each project. We draw on this expertise from around the globe, using in-country teams where appropriate.

We produce video and multimedia programmes exploiting the leading edge presentation technologies.

We also provide training programmes for presentation skills, media communications, and exhibition personnel - focused on enhancing companies’ communications skills at all levels.

The team also has extensive experience of conference and event production – from creative concepts, through design, scripting, and graphic support, to final delivery of the event.

Our total focus is always on the customer’s message – and the best way of communicating that to the target audience.

Our approach is to work closely with our customers to understand the message and the audience, to develop creative ideas, and then to deliver the finished programme.

Philippa Carr

Healthcare Project Manager, Ovarian cancer action

"Now Watch It! has been very helpful in our recent efforts to promote awareness of Ovarian Cancer at all levels.  They have worked with volunteer teams, helping them to improve their presentation skills and confidence, as well as providing media information and training."


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